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Water Filters & Purifiers: MSR HyperFlow Microfilter

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This package includes one (1) MSR HyperFlow Microfilter and one (1) Quick-Connect Bottle Adaptor.

MSR's lightest, smallest, and fastest pumping filter. The best choice for Fast & Light backcountry use.

Made in Seattle, WA USA.

Microfilter utilizes Hollow Fiber Technology and advanced engineering to make water treatment highly mobile and easy to use.

Ergonomic design, diminutive size and tool-free maintainability make it just as appropriate on day trips as it is on multi-day excursions. Quick-Connect bottle adaptor allows direct connection to all MSR hydration products and a variety of other "wide mouth" containers.

Hollow fiber filter with 0.2-micron pores, effective against protozoa, bacteria, and particulate; three liters per minute flow and 20 strokes per liter of water.

Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

MSR has always been a company of engineers, inventors and unruly dreamers. Larry Penberthy started the company in 1969 on a personal crusade against unsafe equipment. Today, we’re still an intrepid team obsessed with creating the most reliable, high-performance gear possible.

Whether it’s defying the status quo in equipment design or radically shifting the social mindset, we believe the greatest innovations—and explorations—are inspired by the world’s unruly dreamers.

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