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As a global distributor of Aquatabs Water Purification Tabets, we offer wholesale pricing and service to US and Canadian retailers in the outdoor sport and travel health markets. Available in both Canadian and USA format, our full retail presentation ensures high shelf appeal and quick turns.

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Water purification tablets, chlorine tablets and NaDCC tablets continue to offer one of the most effective, compact and easy to use means of water treatment available on the market today. As a global distributor of Aquatabs Water Purification Tablets, we specialize in serving the needs of US and Canadian OEM kit manufacturing and assembly. We provide bulk packaged water purification tablets for use in survival kits, first-aid kits, promo kits, bug-out bags, emergency readiness kits, 72 hour kits and more. We’ll work with your team to ensure full regulatory compliance. Water purification tablets are considered a regulated product in many countries and additional printed leaflets and labelling are a must. 

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Do you have a special application requiring a water purification tablet, chlorinated water, water purification, algae control, residual chlorination, tank cleaning, etc.? We can provide water purification tablets to protect sensitive equipment with closed water tanks, control algae in ponds and fountains, protect irrigation equipment, produce chlorine mother solutions, improve conditions for poultry and livestock and so much more.

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