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Thank you for your interest in Aquatabs water purification tablets. Aquatabs are the worlds top selling water purification tablet with over one billion being used in 2008. Here at Global Hydration we’re truly excited to present Aquatabs to the Canadian market place. Global Hydration is proud to be the exclusive Canadian agent of the Aquatabs brand. As such, Global Hydration is responsible for national distribution to a wide of variety of markets and customers. This includes OEM's involved with the assembly and packing of survival, first-aid and emergency kits and distributors supplying pharmacies, drug stores, camping stores, travel health clinics, hunting and fishing stores, etc.. It also includes government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Global Hydration is a unique company that specializes in a wide range of innovative water purification and treatment solutions. From water purificaton tablets such as Aquatabs to turn-key, portable equipment such as the Can Pure™ Water Purification System, Global Hydration can help. Global Hydration also specializes in food grade hose packages, diesel pumps, potable water bladders / pillow tanks and more. For more information about Global Hydration, please visit .

We hope that you enjoy this website and leave a bit more knowledgeable about drinking water safety. You can purchase Aquatabs from a wide variety of retailers including both pharmacies, outdoor sporting goods stores and emergency preparedness suppliers. Please visit our page titled "Where to Buy" for a complete list of retailers.

Finally, if you are involved in an NGO or charitable group, please contact us directly for information about how Aquatabs can help entire communities in need of safe drinking water. Global Hydration has non-profit pricing in place in an effort to do its small part in improving the lives of those affected by unsafe drinking water.

Thank you again for your interest in Aquatabs. It’s our pleasure protecting your health!

Warm regards,

The Global Hydration Team